High 5 and a Half

High 5 and a Half

Latrell James has blessed us with the ill Ghostface sample on his new single “5 and a Half ft Real P“. Now I know we exclusively cover LA artists, but I got a submission from this emcee from Boston that I had to share with you guys. Learn more about him here.

Latrell is talking about how women are to be cherished and loved he wants this girl for her mind while other suitors want her for her looks. He’s boosting his girl’s confidence, he hopes she cooks and doesn’t mind if she’s a freak. The Boston emcee is really about that empowerment of women life, that deserves a high 5 and a half! Oh and don’t slip up because James will be their to catch your broad with open arms.

Real P comes in and rides the funky wave that is this beat. He then drops this beautiful bar for us “specifically you’ve upgraded from A4 to A8 ever since he went Audi though” ill shit.

Shouts out Bean Town and Ben Affleck though!

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