Smashing Tinkerbelle

Smashing Tinkerbelle

All right guys. Here we have Niko G4 (our artist of the week) on the track “Buss It Open,” produced by YOG$.

This one is a little on the slower side and by slower I mean put your headphones on and just take in what the man is saying. Niko raps about the dudes who like to talk shit, on the low of course, because they see him going places, but he can’t complain about the way it is because things could be going much differently. His success has brought him a few things that other’s don’t have(money, cars, hoes, ya know—the usual) and he makes sure to let us know wassup with lines like, “I got glitter on my dick from her fuckin lip gloss.” Its dope he doesn’t mind walking around looking like he smashed Tinkerbelle.

Buss the link open and check it out below! –Daniel Brojas

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