Phora Second

Phora Second

Phora is right back on The Ave with “Night Owls” presumably a leak from his forthcoming album Nights Like These. This starts out as a  simple visual to a chill track, UNTIL shit hits the fuckin’ fan! I should have expected that when he said, “I got some shit to get off my chest” thats always an indicator crazy shit will be poppin’ off.

The Anaheim emcee provides us with semi-aggressive head-bobbin’ music until about 1:45 into the video. Thats when he goes OFF, proceeding to express his disdain for Fox news, his haters and fellow Orange County MC and former associate Devour. Its safe to say they’ve had a falling out as evidenced by Phora’s “don’t make me catch a body I ain’t Devour I will fill a clip and pull the trigger so muthafuckin quick that you wont hear the click“. Throughout the track Phora is sincerely expressing his frustration for people guiding the youth to make ill-advised decisions like gang-banging and slanging. Phora continues to preach positivity and youth prosperity. Although, if I was Devour I would not turn my back Phora second. – Vic Stunts

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