Syringe Coincidence’s

Syringe Coincidence’s

A$ton Matthews is back on The Ave with the much anticipated visuals for “What’s My Name” off A$ton 3:16. The video coincides with the dark, eerie tone of the song, and has a heroine addict playing the lead girl in the video. They call those kind of women strawberries, and what a coincidence she has red hair. I always wondered how they cast girls for roles like these. They must have to put out ads like “looking for young ladies who may or may not be addicted to drugs, look dirty, with no manicures or pedicures please“. Why would someone do this type of video and degrade themselves? Oh yeah to buy more heroine.

You may have to watch the video a few times to understand exactly what is going on. My theory is A$ton is the Heroine and he is talking to the young lady with lines like “when your momma turned her back who came running” and “pain is love but this love costs, so take from your friends til they fucked off“. Since he (the heroine) owns her he’s asking her “What’s my muthafuckin’ name?”. If this is the case then this is an analogous song and video to Phora’s “Make You Feel” with A$ton’s being a much more understated version. Matthews released this track in March and Phora released his track in May, I know neither did this intentionally just a syringe coincidence.

Tell me what you guys think.

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