Mani Coolin‘ is on The Ave for the first time with “Grew Up“. This is an introspective track with Mani speaking on various topics including his family, come up, friends who have passed away, girls and who he still fux with. At only 19 years old he is definitely displaying growth and wisdom superior to his years.

The LA emcee tells us that he’s smellin’ like kush in his momma’s kitchen; we’ve all been there before. Then he proceeds to let us know one of his best friends passed away recently and it reminds him of how short life is. Mani also lets us know he’s still cool with Casey Veggies (CV) and Niko G4. He also lets us know that girls he went to school with are now sellin’ that ass! We can all relate to that too, I mean I don’t know if girls I grew up with are actually selling their body but they’re definitely leasing it out and have it on display all day. Wait let me take that back I seen my 2nd grade crush Lease-ah (get it) on the Offer Up™ App last sunday. Can’t knock the hustle though.

Hope 4 The Youth on the way. – Vic Stunts

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