Your Parents Old Hyundai

Your Parents Old Hyundai

Ricky Hil is back with “Riding All Night”, which is exactly what you can do while listening to this song, ride in your car all night. The instrumental gets you in a chill vibe immediately and you can picture yourself in your Porsche riding down the freeway with this song playing. Except you have to substitute the “Porsche” in the last sentence for your parents old Hyundai.

Anyway, Ricky seems like he’s driving, contemplating on things that have just occurred with what seems to be his current bae. Saying “I can’t understand what you really want from me. See if we really have a choice to be free, then why you all over me?” Ricky talks about the writing on his skin being for his sins and girls that he’s dreamed about, which must be a #fuckload because Ricky is tatted up like crazy. He tells his girl that he has no regrets with her and they don’t have to live for what’s next, just live in the moment. Overall, Ricky delivers another great song with a really relaxed atmosphere. –Jay Lopez

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