Fear of Clone-ery

Fear of Clone-ery

Buddy is giving everyone fair warning with “I Don’t Think So“[Prod by Huss] . This is some Sopranos, Godfather, Italian Mobsters eating pasta and lobster type of music. He is telling conspirers to use caution with lines like “at the end of the night it’ll be their mourning“. That’s some ill wordplay for your collective asses. You would think the seemingly mild mannered Buddy wouldn’t be one to make this type of record suggesting violence and issuing warning shots. But you should know the quiet dudes are the really crazy ones and crazy beats big every single time. I mean he is from Hub City guys.

The Compton MC is letting everyone know he hears the plots of murder, robbery, and clone-ery(I made that word up). He’s noticeably worried about getting cloned. I’ve never thought about that, they clone you, kill you then plug the clone into your life as if nothing ever happened. They get away with murder! FUCK THAT! That is now my biggest fear replacing  Sesquipedalophobia (fear of large words). 

ill song though! –Vic Stunts

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