Ass Wounds

Ass Wounds

Balance’s new track “Blue Valentine” featuring Murs [Prod Noah Ayala] is a real sentimental and emotional song. Lyrics aside, the sample used is really beautiful and slow and you can already tell going in that Balance and Murs are going to go deep in terms of their lyrical content, and they do. Murs starts off talking about leaving his girlfriend of 3 years because he feels no love for her anymore. He knows she’s been messing around with other guys and it hurt him because he never tried to do her dirty like that, he even tried making it work after finding out her outside flings. But now as he’s about to leave, she starts getting sad but he just flat out tells her “I feel nothing for you, I don’t even have to front.” At least break it to her gently, Murs.

Balance comes in next talking about a fling with this girl that “grew to a thing.” However, every month or so, they keep breaking up just to make up. They constantly fight and make up and the next morning or so, they end up in the same spot. Balance finally tells her “If love is a weapon then yo ass got shot” thats deeper than ass wounds. – Jay Lopez

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