These Fans Ain’t Loyal

These Fans Ain’t Loyal

Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Kings, LA Dodgers, and LA Lakers, and the LA Clippers are teams that have the biggest bandwagon following in sports today. Loyalty is one of the hardest things to come across. Especially when guys are changing teams like girls change sex partners. When LeBron came in the league, so many people jumped ship and joined the Cavs bandwagon. I didn’t even know the Cavaliers were a team until LeBron. Most of them couldn’t even name the starting five!

Remember when the Lakers had a good couple of years, but then went downhill. Then they picked up Dwight and all the fans came back thinking they were going to get at least a 3-peat with him on the squad. It’s okay, we know you were one of those fans.

These past 3 years, the weak ass Clippers/Lob City got a big following because of Blake Griffin’s super saiyan dunks. Clippers use to never sell out any games. The stadium was so empty, security encouraged people to find open seats in lower sections so it looked like there were more fans at the game. Clipper tickets used to cost less than a bucket of chicken at KFC, now they cost more than Lakers tickets.

Back In ’06 when the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup, nobody jumped on the Hockey bandwagon. It must have be the LA natives hate of OC teams. It wasn’t until the LA Kings won one in 2011 that people started to like Hockey. I still don’t know why, that shit looks mad boring. No racial, but a lot Mexicans hopped on that bandwagon and none of them know how to skate.

Is it too soon to bring up Dodger fans? Because they only come around for the season opener and disappear after that. Unless they make the playoffs, but even then they’re only around for another 3 games until they get eliminated from the playoffs.

You can catch a lot of people wearing another team’s jersey after their team doesn’t make the playoffs. And they all say the same thing, “I just like the player”. Stick to your squad and don’t get caught wearing another team’s jersey or be prepared to be put on blast by yours truly.

Oh, and shout out to Aubrey Drake Graham for being the biggest Bandwagonner.

– Scoresayze

Rosecrans Vic

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4 thoughts on “These Fans Ain’t Loyal

  1. Oh, and finally, you’re comment about the Dwight and a 3 peat-the Lakers did not even bring him in until AFTER they lost in 2011-so there could not be a 3 peat-and the Kings won in 2012-not 2011-you’re such an insightful guy, you really know your sports. By the way-i grew up on McMillen Ave-5 blocks from Rosecrans. Your lack of sports knowledge is truly amazing-or should i say your lack of SPORTZ knowledge.

  2. One other thing-obviously you have a huge following based on this being the only comment on your untruths and nonsense. You sound like a Bay Area fraud.

  3. This is utterly stupid. The Dodgers LEAD the MLB in attendance EVERY FREAKING YEAR! They are loyal to a fault. As for the Kings, even when they were bad in the 2000-2009 time frame-they were still averaging around 16,000 a game, which was never even close to what the Blackshawks averaged in one year where they fell under 10, 000 a game! Same for the Clippers-when have they ever had poor attendance in the last 15 years. None of these teams have bandwagon fan bases-you sound like an LA hater-with no facts what so ever. This is just a stupid pointless rant based on literally nothing. If anything-the Dodgers have been the BEST fan base in baseball history-and if you bothered to look up these things-you would see they have drawn more fans in their history since moving to LA than any other team-and its not even close. You’re entire column is just a complete fraud…

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