Spider-Man Snuggie

Spider-Man Snuggie

West Coast remix alert! Boaz is back with another remix of his song “Like This” and it’s full of west coast heavyweights. Before we get into any verses, let me just warn you that the transition from the verse to the hook is one of the sickest and smoothest transitions I have heard this year, especially with the vibrant piano chords in the hook that soothes the ears.

Boaz starts off his verse by remembering how he would dream about the Mercedes V12 600. I mean, who wouldn’t? He also takes a shot at the dudes with no street in them, noticing that they still have their pajamas on. But I mean, that Spider-Man snuggie is way too comfortable. Crooked I has the next verse with a joke about pasta: “I’m eating Alfredo with Marshall discussing impostors,” which sounds like “im-pastas.” That reminds me of a joke. Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? He pasta way..

Murs comes in next and admits that he commits mass murder with words, but he doesn’t know what that felony is called. He’ll get back to you on that one. The last verse is by Fashawn and he also admits to sending many rappers to the hospital with his bars. Pretty sure Kaiser has got to sponsor him soon since he’s bringing in so many patients. –Jay Lopez

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