Apollo Space Mission Music

Apollo Space Mission Music

Let’s take a shot to the fact that we still here! Demrick is back with his first single from his upcoming album, “Losing Focus” which will be a collaborative effort with producer Cali Cleve. This song comes in sounding like they’re in space on an Apollo mission. The theme of this song is to not take life for granted. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Demrick knows this because he’s lost a lot of his homies already as mentioned during his hook: “Lost so many along the way, I could pour out liquor all day long. That’s why I write these songs, it’s for you.” He also says to have no worries about life, he knows there’s so much he can’t control so he just closes his eyes and lets go.

Dizzy Wright has a guest verse in which he’s contemplating on how proud his grandpa would be if he was still alive today and how most of these people ain’t real and would sell their “soul for money and attention with a day on the job.” Overall a great song, not to mention one of the best hooks I’ve heard all year. Make sure you give it a listen. –Jay Lopez

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