Tinashe: Aquarius

Tinashe: Aquarius

Tinashe released her very first studio album, Aquarius, this week and it’s nothing short of amazing. With features like A$AP Rocky, Future and ScHoolboy Q, the LA-raised artist has put together an incredible album, consisting of 18 tracks.

Tinashe starts us off with “Aquarius,” which is also the title of her album. In this track we get heavy, but smooth, vocals that only accentuate her talent, and also receive a glimpse into her world. She goes on to say, “In a world full of darkness, I’ve become your midnight sun,” and also talks about a new age, “the age of Aquarius.” Tinashe continues on to mention how the government, the media and the forums are blind and ends this opening track with, “welcome to my world.”

Track number two is “Bet,” featuring Devonte Hynes and produced by DJ Dahi. We really loved this track and you can get a full review here.

On track number three, we have “Cold Sweat.” This one is produced by Boi-1da, Sango and SykSense. Here, Tinashe talks about the pressures of being a new artist and the weight that comes from the industry; she talks about the fakes and those who can only judge others, but not themselves. It’s a very subtle vent session and also somewhat of fuck you to those who didn’t believe in her before, but now happen to be there for her and claim to love her. She’s not falling for the bullshit and the phonies though.
Don’t think I’ve forgotten who was always here, tell me where was you last year?”

Track four is just a six second interlude titled, “Nightfall.” We hear some coughing, liquids and jumbling until Tinashe says, “oh shit. I’m way 2 on.” This leads us directly into track number five.

2 On.” This one we should all be familiar with. This is, debatably, what officially brought Tinashe into the game. Featuring ScHoolboy Q and produced by DJ Mustard, this is her radio joint. Tinashe wanted to show us she could step out of her norm and make something with a West Coast feel and some LA swag to it(hence ScHoolboy and Mustard). It’s just a track about having fun, getting lit, getting tipsy and just being young. This has definitely been a staple in the clubs and has brought Tinashe lots of attention. Not to mention, she came up with a new way to express how turnt you are.

This track was also, later, remixed by OB OBRIEN and titled “2 On/Thotful,” featuring Drake.

How Many Times, featuring Future and produced by Jasper, is track number 6. This one is a smooth transition from “2 On.” It pretty much just describes an encounter, or several, with a special someone (Vic says its him) . With the hook, “How man times can we make love in one night(3x).”

This one is pretty self explanatory folks. You might use this one to takes notes, though.

Next up, track number seven, is “What Is There To Lose (Interlude).” This is Tinsahe asking herself, and her listeners, a few questions about life that will carryout the theme for the next few songs.

Track number eight is titled “Pretend.” It features A$AP Rocky and is produced by Detail. This one seems to be about a rocky relationship she’s stuck in. She’s in this relationship where she has to keep pretending like everything is okay, like they’ve never met and it’s all new, but it’s reached a point where she is just beyond over it all. She was willing to put the past behind her for the good of the relationship, but gets tired of it and now just phases it out. In a notable couple lines, she says, “once upon a time, I did, now I admit that I was fucking with a kid.”

Ouch, that one has got to hurt…

Track number 9 is “All Hands On Deck.” This one definitely has some of that fat bass that I’ve been waiting for, but hold it just right there! This one is a little tricky at first. If you just listen to the lyrics, or read them, you would think it’s Tinashe talking about being heartbroken and trying to find that rebound. It is that, but not “just like that, like that!” Have you ever seen a movie, or anything, where you have a heartbroken girl, that’s sad for a while. She’s so tired of being sad and starts looking for a rebound to make her feel better. Then, she starts looking hotter than ever and the guy realizes he fucked up, and wants her back, but she’s long gone?! THIS IS THAT PART, BUT IN A SONG! Best thing is, that the beat goes along perfectly with this one. It’s like a sad song disguised in a dope beat, but in the end it all makes sense! #YEEEEEET

Okay, track number 10, “Indigo Child (Interlude).” I might go as far as to say that this is my favorite track. I don’t pick favorite’s, they sort of just pick me and this is exactly what happened here. I just wish this one was longer, much longer! It’s actually just like Jay Z – Beach is Better, so good, but so short. I can’t explain this one; you have to listen to this one yourself!

Farside of the Moon,” track number eleven. This one, for me, is Tinashe finally getting out of her funk. She’s still a little hurt and confused, but she’s looking forward trying to get back to herself. There’s only one problem. She can’t seem to know where to go from there, she’s stuck in some sort of limbo. Do I miss him, do I not? “[I’m] so damn jaded, this uncertainty is so frustrating.” You can really feel her on this one; there’s so much emotion.

Track 12, “The Calm (Interlude). This is a short 30 second blur. It has that, I woke up not knowing where I am, feel. It reminds me of the Hangover, when they all wake up and they’re so confused. It could be the complete opposite though, we’ll find out on the next track.

Feels Like Vegas,” produced by StarGate, is track thirteen. This one is little Rated R, but not really. Tinsahe gives us some more of her sensual side. She, again, describes a sexual encounter with a certain someone (Vic says its him again), but with a little more detail. She’s with her man in the bedroom and he’s getting somewhat of a show, compliments of Tinashe. With some help from Roscoe Dash on the hook, “feels like Vegas don’t it,” is the way she describes the lifestyle and life choices she currently making. It must be a good rush of feelings.

These flashing lights, I’ll let you love me, cause I can tell that you want me

Thug Cry” is track number fourteen. This good ole’ beat is produced by Mike WiLL Made It. This is a funny one guys. So in the story of the album, this is where Tinashe has, began to and just about, gotten her grove back. She’s dealing with a boy who’s not being all himself. To elaborate, she says, “You swear that ya hard, but I got you wrapped around my finger.” HA, he’s just a product of this decade, that’s all. He wants to play tough guy, be she’s just reminding him that he’s a SIMP. He knows where his balls are and she’s not letting him forget.

Deep In The Night (Interlude).” This is a short 57 seconds throwback of her playing a song from when she was seven. It’s a nice way to transition into the last few songs of the album.

Bated Breath.” This one is for all of you out there that are ready to give yourself to someone, but there’s still that part of you that is a little scared to give yourself to someone. You really like this certain someone and you’re on the same page, but taking that last step to let them in completely is a little hard for you. This song is for all of you in this same position. Tinsahe really puts herself out there on this track and we can commiserate with her plenty. On the technical side of things, she also shows us a little of how long she can hold a note and it’s pretty impressive.

Wildfire.” Things were going smooth in her love life, but they aren’t as they were anymore and she doesn’t want to stick around any longer. She is not willing to go through this, so she asks to be let go. It’s a toxic relationship and she’s blowing it up for good. Tinashe, out.

The Storm (Outro).” Here we get what sounds like the sound of rains and some soothing vocals to wrap up the album. If it is the sound of rain we hear, it’s a nice way to follow up “Wildfire.” The rain has come and it’s putting out the wildfire that had gotten a little out of hand. It’s just about a minute and a half, but it’s a nice way to wrap up Aquarius.



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