Compton Guddas

Compton Guddas

Hitta J3 – Do Yo Gudda (Remix) ft. Problem, Kendrick Lamar & YG

Mannn, this one is fire! Being the blog that we are, we love these type of tracks. 4/4 rappers on this joint are from Compton (Bompton) and it’s not often that a track like this comes along.

Hitta’s Mixtape Wake Up Call, which dropped just about a year ago — no shmoney dance though. And earlier this year, we had Kendrick, Problem and YG hop on this and its just what you would expect from these LA cats.

Although it’s nowhere near a basic track, what we have here is everyone braggin bout doing their gudda. The word gudda can have many meanings, for those of you that don’t know what it means, but in this case it’s like doing whatever it takes to get to your means. So if you do yo gudda, that means you are doing well, but if that also means doing some not-so-well things to get there, that’s completely okay.

The song starts off with Hitta J3 on the hook, talking about straps and ski masks, and transitions into Problem and his verse about staying hood even though he’s no longer in it. Next up is Hitta. Now usually an artist’s verse stays the same on a remix, but being the remix that it is, he had to switch it up a bit. Then, we jump into Kendrick’s verse. His gudda has came easy to him, “like it’s my bread and butter.” And maybe our favorite line, for no particular reason — not really, “Little K-Dot from the A-block and I’m Rosecrans thuggin’ huh.” Last, but not least we have YG talking a little about his Bompton life and how he wouldn’t hesitate to fuck with anyone who didn’t fuck with him his freshman year at Paramount High. 

Shoutout to the 562!

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