Stuntin’ Music

Stuntin’ Music

All right so here we have The Game – Fuck Yo Feelings ft. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne [Produced by Ocean].

We start off with a cool Game talking bout, “me and Tune just got two twin Ferraris.” Cool, right? Yeah, well, they jump right in just about 5 seconds later with the hook, “fuck your feelings, fuck your feelings, n*gga fuck your feelings(5x).”

I really want to consider this a really dope freestyle because pretty much all that is said is, fuck yo feelings. I mean whoever this was intended for, I really hope they got the memo, because it cannot get any clearer than this.
We even have Game stunting FOR Dre with, “Dr. Dre just made a billion! And he sent me to tell all you n*ggas man, FUCK YO FEELINGS!”

And not to mention Breezy with the best and last line on this stuntin’ track, “you really care ’bout this bitch, my dick all up in your feelings”  When did Breezy get so good at rapping?

Year of The Wolf October 14

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