Clusterfuck of Dopeness

Clusterfuck of Dopeness

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love by Kyle is a great song. Truly refreshing, a completely different sound than what’s been coming out of the west coast lately. This successfully mixes about 5 different genres of music into one clusterfuck of dopeness. EDM synths, 80’s pop, R&B, Rap and even some old school hip-hop breaks at the end. This shit is funkier than Jane Child’s braids.

The rapper out of Ventura, CA is definitely someone you want to look out for, he has a very strong following and is only releasing quality music. Kyle dropped his album Beautiful Loser about a year ago and continues to spit flames when he’s featured on a song. He’s a frequent collaborator of rising star G Eazy. I can see how some may draw comparisons with Childish Gambino, Drake and Chance The Rapper. Although those 3 are some of the biggest names in music right now just enjoy The K.I.D. for who he is. He’s just Totally Kyle.

Go see him December 6th at the House of Blues in LA.

-Vic Stunts

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