Subconsciously Ballin’

Subconsciously Ballin’

Nipsey and Dom are serving up some fire made by chef Cookin’ Soul. This dish is called “Dont Forget Us“. Dom handles the hook while Nip goes off explaining his life’s current events, he references his car getting searched by LAPD before his performance at the DUB show in LA “police wanna know how you got your 6“. You should know you will never be disappointed when listening to a track with Dom and Nip on it and this continues to prove that.

Nip explains how he’s on some baller shit, some rich n*gga he don’t call you shit. I can definitely relate to that, I never answer my phone or call people back. I didn’t know that qualified me as a baller but now I will continue to do my thang in true baller fashion. I guess I’ve subconsciously been ballin’ for a while now.

But seriously though, streets wanna know when you droppin’ Nip! –Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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