Shawty Badder Than a Two Year Old

Shawty Badder Than a Two Year Old

Julian Dova is back on the Ave with “She Bad” ft Vibes. Definite banger and a total change of pace for the 562 rapper with this record being produced by Toronto’s own Keys N Krates! You can tell as soon as the beat begins you’re in for a dope experience. The instrumental sounds like it has some Japanese, anime influence, like the real anime where they have cartoon sex not that Digimon shit.

Dova is letting us know how bad his girl is and how she loves partaking in drankin and smokin with him which makes her more appealing. Babygirl is so bad she made Julian spend all his racks. Shorty must be badder than a two year old if thats the case. Vibes comes on and finishes the record off with nothing but bars after bars. Super ill, ya’ll gotta watch out for him.

Its almost impossible to not sing “she bad, she bad, she bad” after listening to this.

Listen to Julian Dova on Rosecrans Radio October 13th at 8pm.

-Vic Stunts

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