Meme themed songs

Meme themed songs

Jae Murphy! Had to yell that because this record is crazy! This dude successfully turned a meme into a song and made it a banger. I have never looked at a meme and though it would make a good song but props to Jae Murphy for thinking outside the box. Jae recruited Game, Problem and Eric Bellinger for this one.

Game continues the meme theme by sipping his tea and telling a tale of a dude walking into Supper Club with his young lady who is also fornicating with Game’s homie. Thats none of his business though.

Problem goes off like usual, and impressively makes a Vladamir Radmonavic reference, dope.

Eric Bellinger kills the hook which is normal behavior for him lately. You haven’t heard one whack song with EB on it.

If Jae Murphy’s whole project Howard to Hollywood is Meme Themed I wouldn’t even be mad. Come to think if it there are several memes that could influence bangers. For example,




Just some ideas. Let me know your suggestions! – Vic Stunts


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