Put Me In Coach

Put Me In Coach

I’m really feeling fly right now! Tay F 3rd has just dropped his newest song “Right Now”, in which Tay wants to let us know he’s feeling fly, like he’s “really feeling like the guy right now.” He remembers when he was “sitting on the bench,” which I understand completely because in high school I was always telling coach to put me in. That’s probably why they had a losing record…Anyway, the hook makes you feel like you’re the flyest dude at the club right now, which is always a great feeling. Tay then speaks on how if he’s at the club, all he’s gotta do is say his name to get bunch of girls on him real quick, then he just takes his pick while the rhythmic head bopping instrumental fades.

Look out for his upcoming album 1995: The Sandbox 2 releasing in late November.

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