Lamar x Lotus

Lamar x Lotus

The music video for the Lamar x Lotus collab is just too cool! Last month, another single for Flying Lotus’s album, You’re Dead!, was released and now we have some visuals to go with it!

Directed by Hiro Murai, the film starts us off in a dark room where we see grieving individuals sitting throughout the room, while a Priest is speaking a few words. There are two children in open caskets, a boy and a girl, roughly around 10 years old. The camera zoom in on the boy and he opens his eyes. The view becomes omniscient, both kids hop out of their caskets and begin to dance happily, it’s very Pharrell like, but no one in the room notices them.
They cross a room or two and run down a coupe hallways until they make it outside, into a back yard, on a sunny day, with some other children playing jumprope. [Still dancing] they make their way through the backyard, hop into the back of a hearse and drive away, meanwhile the 6 kids from the backyard try to chase them down the street.
The last scene of this amazing film is the boy sticking his head out of the window, the girl driving, with his eyes closed and a smile on his face; it’s a very Dark Knight-ish type of scene. The one where Heath Ledger, the Joker, escapes from his jail cell and is in the backseat of a police car with his head out and he’s free once again.
It’s oddly not as morose as you would have expected, so watch it here! – Daniel Brojas

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