Informal Requests for Home Loans

Informal Requests for Home Loans

Curren$y’s latest offering “Champagne Reign” is produced by one of LA’s finest, Joey Fatts. This is off Spitta’s new EP More Saturday Night Car Tunes. As the soft piano notes play in the background of the instrumental, we hear Curren$y start spitting about how his windshield wipers need replacement. You can instantly tell he isn’t the one on the song that’s from LA, we hardly need windshield wipers out here. As Spitta Andretti says that his weed is louder than a Dr. Dre Beats Pill, the bass line drops along with some cymbals that quickly hooks you in. He wants us to feel as if we’re in a classic whip while we listen to the beat, which he said he knew he had to have it as soon as he heard it.

As the song winds down, Curren$y then shares a small dream of mine: listening to Biggie Smalls in his big ass house. I got half of the dream ready, now I just need that big ass house.. wonder if Spitta got any extra real estate I can hold for a bit.. –Jay Lopez

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