Drop Bars Not Soap

Drop Bars Not Soap

Leimert Park’s own UTK has joined forces with Ab-Soul and Loaded Lux to bring us “Talk To Em” in which they all had killer verses. UTK went up first with a line for the sellouts: “I remember when [they] wouldn’t make it with they mediocre rap, they wouldn’t play it on the radio, perhaps they making payments.” Paying the radio station to play your music? Now UTK sees why he isn’t on any A-lists as of right now, but don’t worry, he says he’s changing that soon towards the end of his verse.

Ab-Soul comes in next with another third eye verse that only he can deliver. He calls a dude’s bluff of having a loaded gun on him and calls him armless, which makes him an amputee. But my favorite line would have to come from Loaded Lux. He lets us know off the bat that he wrote this verse on a train because he’s been focused lately. While talking about a girl who’s been left alone because her significant other is in jail, he casually just drops “Speaking from the prison phone, that’s bars” like if it’s nothing. At least it’s lyrical bars that he drops and not soap bars.. –Jay Lopez

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