The World of Social Media

The World of Social Media

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember when MySpace was the only popular social media site around? Remember when “Cyber Bullying” wasn’t an issue? Remember the struggle of finding that one song to express how you felt on your MySpace profile page? Well, things have changed drastically over the years and today we deal with a whole new generation. A generation where being a “Keyboard Thug” and having the ability to buy followers/friends is an acceptable thing to do. We have teenagers today killing themselves over a couple of harsh trolls on the Internet. People take this social media stuff too serious. Today we have people making money off of a little “fame” they gained through the power of social media.

Over the years, Twitter and Facebook have become less popular to use and Instagram is currently the top social networking app. There are so many different types of people on there. For example, we have the ones that comment on every celebrity picture asking for, “LB, R4R, SPAM and F4F” (Google them if you don’t know what they mean.) Those are usually the people that buy followers just so it looks like they have friends. We all have that one friend that follows all the baddies of Instagram and just creeps on their pictures. It’s usually the guy that lacks confidence in talking to a girl, but swears he gets “bitches”. Then we have the girls that we went to high school with, that know a guy with a camera and on occasion will take pictures of her and now they consider themselves a model. If they have a business inquiry in their Bio and they aren’t with a modeling agency, just do them a favor and unfollow them. Then we have the girls from high school that didn’t lose their looks and didn’t get fat and just post thirst traps all day with some obnoxious quote that has nothing to do with the picture. Those are the girls that are too stupid to go to college, so they think their looks will get them a man with money. And my personal favorite, are the guys that hit up rappers trying to get their beats out there like they really expect them to get a reply. Those are usually the guys with a list of rappers they opened up for. But we all know that the only reason they opened up for that rapper is because the venues needed people to sell more tickets. A new one I find amusing is the people that guarantee you a profit of $900 if you give them $100. #WakeUpNow I personally know a couple of people that fell into this trap and they were so confident that they would make money. If it sounds too good to be true you should know it’s a scam. Shout out to those scammers though.

At the end of the day this is an app and we shouldn’t care about the amount of followers or likes we get. All you should be worried about is your cash flow and getting laid. Anyways, follows us on Instagram and Twitter @Rosecransavenue

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