Super Sport Los Angeles

Super Sport Los Angeles

images-15Super Sport Los Angeles is a brand founded by Yousef Elgabry or as most from LA may know him Yousef from the Diamond store on Fairfax. This is truly the first of its kind, a whole brand dedicated to the Super Sport class of classic Chevys. Very simple, yet very dope, this is a brand for all you classic car lovers out there. This brand provides nostalgia to people like me who grew up with classic cars, who spent many nights working on their father’s or uncle’s cars.


With a very limited release of every piece it gives the consumer a feel of exclusivity. Each tee is a rare collector’s item like the cars on them. The first batch of shirts featured a picture of Yousef’s white ’84 Monte Carlo Super Sport which came with the pink slip (replica) to the White Monte Carlo Super Sport SS and the first 15 people who ordered them also got a key to an actual ’84 Monte Carlo SS.


The next batch is the Showroom collection. Which features a Black Victory hat, a ’86 Monte Carlo SS, ’67 Impala SS, and a ’78 Camaro SS. And came with an exclusive signed and numbered collector’s card. The first 5 orders got a limited showroom replica model car.


I had to cop the ’78 Camaro.

The brand has already gained the attention of many rappers including members of the Jet Life camp way out in New Orleans. Curren$y, Le$ and Young Roddy have posted pictures in Super Sport LA.

Follow your dreams has been Yousef’s motto ever since he launched Super Sport LA and its even etched into the tag inside the shirt. With the support of many influential people in the music industry and the blue print from Mr. Nicky Diamonds, Yousef and SSLA are racing towards success. –Vic Stunts

Cop your own at and follow @SuperSportLA on Instagram.

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