Slippin’ an Uzi into the Movies

Slippin’ an Uzi into the Movies

Blu & MED are back with a remix of “Peroxide”. This song had been re-worked on from the original and now sounds more jazzier with a heavy bass guitar melody that will be stuck in your head for a minute, along with some clean horns to complement the jazz feel. Blu starts off the song talking about slipping his “uzi in the movies like a roofie.” He’s right, you never know what can happen in the streets. The line that really captivates the city of LA might have to be at the end where he says “In Los Ang in the land where them cameras blow, the boss man even hustle hand to hand for the dope.”  Damn.

Then MED comes in with an ironic line; “Now we pick the finest cotton off the racks.” Had to pause the song at this point, rewind a bit, then listen again. He finishes by letting you know you are now fucking with the west siders. Mibbs from Pac Div lays a verse on this remix. He starts off reminiscing about dreaming of making it big. But when he does make it big, then his homies start acting weird saying “you ain’t supposed to win nigga, you should be behind with us.” Homies stay salty, no fries though.

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