Yung Lenox: 7 Years a Legend

Yung Lenox: 7 Years a Legend

Yung Lenox da god is the seven year old prodigy artist who recreates hip-hop drawings with his own twist. The twist is most of the time he doesn’t color inside the lines. Which is the coolest shit about all this, he never listened to his punk ass teachers like Ms. Bell. She used to get kids in trouble and makes them pull their red cards for coloring outside the lines when they were just trying to express themselves in a way that was too deep for them to understand at such a young age. ANYWAYS, this dude is too dope man, 7 years old and already a legend, he’s ON and the law still requires him to wear a booster seat. Crazy. I definitely need one these pieces for the crib.

You can purchase some of his work on his big cartel store.

Below is some of his best work.




I need that Only Built For Cuban Linx asap. –Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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