Worldstar Meets NPR

Worldstar Meets NPR

The homie Thurz blessed us with a very personal and groovy track. The first bar is “I wouldn’t rap if I knew who my father was“. That has to be one of the most introspective lines I’ve heard on a track in some time. Again, Thurz follows no ones lead and creates a sound not comparable to any one out Right Now.

Thurz gives a smooth nifty track without sacrificing any lyrical content. He unabashedly let us inside his head and heart about his father and family issues. Then he speaks about a situation that was rumored to have happened years ago with another well known LA rapper in the alley near Rosewood and Fairfax; “knockin’ jealous n*ggas out in front of they peers, as the rumors fly from mouths to ears“. I asked Thurz about this a few months ago and he said he wish he had the video so he could release it. That would definitely be on Worldstar and NPR Right Now with an added clip at the end of Smokey saying YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.

But I Digress, The Designer EP drops November 4th.

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