Throw Down The Deed to Your House

Throw Down The Deed to Your House
Tinashe, most known for “2 On,” soothes our ears with this new single “Bet” from her upcoming album, Aquarius. It starts of with a very smooth melody, and vocals, slowly transiting into the beat, produced by Dj Dahi. It has a very deep feel to it; you can really feel her emotion on the track.
The vibe is very consistent, in a good way, and it keeps you hooked until the end of the track where the featured artist, Devonté Hynes, comes in with a guitar solo. It’s very well composed and incredibly easy on the ears.
From what I’ve read, her fans are loving this and cannot wait for the album to drop, and quite frankly, neither can I. Keep a close eye out for this one! Tinashe is such a talented individual. She’s going to make waves, ladies and gentleman; “bet on it.” Matter of fact, don’t just bet on it, go all in, throw down the deed to your house!
Her album, Aquarius, releases Tuesday, October 7th
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