Gangstas Still Make the World Go ‘Round

Gangstas Still Make the World Go ‘Round

Mustard on the beat, hoe! DJ Mustard recently dropped a visual for his song Ghetto Tales. The video starts out fittingly with a ghetto bird circling over the hood then a short tour of what seems to be Jay 305’s house. Jay takes us through his morning routine, from waking up and brushing his teeth up until getting a text from a “punk ass bitch” telling him she’s pregnant. His response is flawless: “I used the condom bitch, I ain’t the daddy.” All Jay needs now is his own episode on Bill CunninghamHe hops into his Mustard’s Impala and they start driving around the hood.

Next, TeeCee4800 takes us through his morning routine that starts out with a pretty good Eazy-E impersonation. We see him then load his gun cuz “this ain’t West LA.” Tee then ends with a short story of him pulling up to the skating rink, seeing a “couple niggas slipping”, then unloading the full clip and leaving no witnesses. Now that’s some hood shit. Jay 305 then adds another verse and meets up with TeeCee. He says that this the “type of shit that happen every fucking day” in the hood. The video ends with Mustard, Jay, and TeeCee all paying homage to Tiny M. I guess Gangstas still make the world go ’round. -Jay Lopez

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