Charlie Brown’s Sister

Charlie Brown’s Sister
DJ Mustard and Fergie have come together to provide us with a banger for the fall.
Mustard provides the heavy bass we love and Fergie comes thru with the perfect flows to complete the track. I’m not sure what, or who, inspired these two to work together, but I’m glad they did! I also don’t know if y’all would consider this rapping or not, but it sure sounds like it to me and I’m really feeling it. To be honest, I can’t wait to bump this in my car!
Fergie hasn’t released a solo album in a while. Does this mean we can expect one soon? If so, I really wouldn’t mind a whole album with tracks like this one, here. Some men don’t like females rapping, but I find it somewhat refreshing.
Listen to the track and think for yourself, but try not to remember that good ole Fergie was once one of those to voice Sally Brown. You know, Charlie Brown’s sister, from the Black Eyed Peanuts, no wait, peas, no wait, Peanuts. Anyways this record is nuts.
“LA got the people saying, la la la la la!”
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