You Can’t Have Your Carrot Cake and Eat It Too

You Can’t Have Your Carrot Cake and Eat It Too

Ty Dolla Sign recently released his new mixtape titled Sign Language and it’s a bit repetitive. Getting money and fucking bitches. Gets kinda tiring by the middle of the tape. However, the tape does have its good moments the majority of the tracks have great production, guest verses, and catchy hooks.

Its opener, “NDK”, is one to keep you hooked for sure, especially the soothing piano chords and strings playing over Jay 305 saying “fuck the bullshit.” Ty starts singing about how “these niggas don’t know” and how cars that others get are rented and not their own. But Ty, the lease for this new Toyota Prius is only $299 a month! I had to take that deal! Sean adds a solid verse and continues the theme of this song, but with a line that is sure to make you strive to be better: “Before I hit a home run, swear I had a thousand strikes.” But damn, a thousand strikes Sean? That’d give you a worse batting average than the whole San Diego Padres team!

Dead Presidents” is next with a beat that will make your girl start twerking the second it comes on. Ty starts off by saying he wants his girl to “make it clap on a handstand” but he knows that “she only fuck with ballers.” Golddiggers these days be stepping their game up. Juicy J is up next and the only thing I remember from his verse was “Give me head like my name Bill Clinton.” Oh, yeah. He went there. We know what you did in the oval office Monica, we know. Rich Homie Quan ends the song by reminding you that if you’re gonna mess around with another chick, make sure you delete all the evidence on your phone before your main girl sees it. Can’t stress that enough.

Lord Knows” hits you quickly next and Ty gets straight into telling us that he has a serious case of amnesia. He fucked 5 bitches last week and he doesn’t remember even one of their names. Keep Ty in your prayers, hopefully he gets well soon. Dom K has the next verse and he wants to know if he can trust his girl to make him an orange and carrot smoothie along with letting him look at other girls’ booty. Doesn’t Dom know you can’t have your carrot cake and eat it too? Rick Ross ends the song with a typical Ross verse: drugs, money, and girls.

Stretch/She Better” comes in with a more mellow beat in which Ty is trying to sound romantic, but is basically bragging that a certain part of his male anatomy is bigger than the average man’s, and he’s gonna come over to this girl’s house and stretch her walls with it, if you catch my drift. Not the song you’d typically play while on your first date. The beat then changes into “She Better” in which Ty describes an independent girl that says she don’t need a man but Ty is saying “she better twerk it for a real nigga.”

Drank N Cranberry” shows us how Ty acts while he’s on his preferred mixed drink. He says he won’t brag about his money or his bitches, but he ends up doing it anyway. Why you gotta keep reminding me that I have neither Ty? Anyway, Casey Veggies closes the song with a solid, lengthy verse that makes it seem more like his song than Ty’s. Veggies says that he knows a lot of girls that changed all quick once they became a “model” but it turns out they were just doing pornos on the internet. Typical.

On “Like I Do”, Ty keeps reminding us how much of a player he is and how much of a player we’re not. He “fuck ten times” while going on no dates. That’s some real playa shit. Yo Gotti is up next and he brings up a similar problem that we can all relate to. He “just wanna fuck, she just wanna cuddle.” Ain’t nobody got time for that soft relationship love. French Montana comes in second to last while we just sit back and listen to his luxurious life. He hops off his Wraith and gets on his Porsche. I have a similar life to French’s except that in mine, I hop off my Honda and get on my skateboard. Close enough. Jeremih has a short outro in which he tells this girl to call him if his man doesn’t come for her.

Issue” comes up next with fellow Taylor Gang member, Wiz Khalifa. Ty starts off by letting his girl know that he isn’t with all that extra talking, he just wants to get down to business with her. Wiz then tells us that he’s glad his girl’s iPhone storage is full, he wants her to enjoy the moment with him riding around with the top down (while he’s getting top, of course.) Mike Posner has the interlude in which he explains the attitude that guys like Ty have towards girls: “just cause I’m looking in your eyes don’t mean shit.”

Missionary” is next and I’m pretty sure we all know what the title is implying. That Ty is about to go to Africa to do missionary work for his local church. Pretty obvious. Well actually, not quite because he’s got this girl’s legs on his shoulders while he’s revving it like a motor and once again, he wants to let this girl know that they’re not making love, just having fun. But the girl, portrayed by Mila J towards the end, doesn’t seem to get the message. She’s still screaming that she loves him, that him being on top proves to her that it’s real. Ty can’t catch a break with these sentimental girls, it seems.

Type of Shit I Hate” is the same song that dropped for the XXL Freshman 2014 mixtape, but with an added YG verse. Ty starts off by telling us about a girl that at first seems perfect, but she ain’t about to give him head, which is the type of shit that Ty hates. Fabolous has the next verse and it is one that stands out on this tape for sure. He talks about the type of shit that he hates in a girl and one of em will catch your attention quick: “Hate when bitches try to put you in the friend zone. Bitch I’m tryna score put me in the end zone.” YG ends the song by telling us that he hates a girl who’s pussy stank. Pretty much he’s trying to tell her to grab some Vagisil from CVS. Ed Sheeran finishes the song with a nice little interlude that should be a real song.

Can’t Stay” is the second to last song on the tape and is a slight change from what Ty was saying before. Now he’s telling his girl that he’s going to take it slow. Not typical of Ty considering the nine songs that came before this. T.I. has the end verse on this track and he basically shows us how to get a girl from the club to do it with a girl with a strap on. Smooth moves, T.I. We’re all taking notes.

The last song, “In To Deep”, had its vocals taken from a video of Ty’s brother, Big TC and his cellmate D. Loc. Ty produced the beat over the audio and added a verse by TeeCee4800 and the result is a song about being in too deep in the streets. This song is arguably the best song on the tape, and it comes as a perfect ender. D. Loc’s first verse is second to none on this mixtape and leaves us with a thought: Is there a right way to do the wrong thing? TeeCee also tells a bit of his story and it’s similar to most youth living in the inner city, he “could’ve took the right route, instead, [he] started Crippin.” The hook, sung by Big TC, captures the feel of this song in four simple words: “I’m in too deep.”

 I Give It 2.5/5 Roses

Look out for Ty’s IN Too Deep Tour, coming to a city near you!

Listen for yourself here!

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