Sounds Nothing Like Lloyd Banks

Sounds Nothing Like Lloyd Banks

Vince Staples season continues with his new single, Hands Up. This sounds nothing like Lloyd Banks 2006 single of the same name I swear. Anchorman Staples brings you up to speed on current news. The song starts out with him looking over his shoulder every time he’s in traffic, because them 9-11’s are just waiting for him to go 55 in a 54 so they can pull him over. He also talks corruption in the law system, how lawyers be “tricking niggas into taking strikes to get out faster.”

The hook is the most captivating, starting out with a simple “put your hands in the air” seemingly for fans during his concert. However, Vince goes good cop/bad cop on us in the last line saying “nigga freeze, put your hands in the air.” But Officer Staples, I did nothing wrong, I swear!

The second verse starts off by him saying how no cop has yet been punished for their actions, but yet Vince continues to pay them through state taxes. I think we can all agree on hating the IRS. He finishes with an interesting and ironic thought; the cops raid homes without warrants and shoot first without a warning, but then “they expect respect and non-violence. I refuse the right to be silent!” I think we’re all with you on that one, Vince. RIP De’Angelo Lopez and Tyler Woods.

Buy Hands Up on iTunes Here.

And Get Hell Can Wait October 7th! – Jay Lopez

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