Your Weekly Therapist Visit

Your Weekly Therapist Visit

Phora is back with a visual for his rather emotional song Reflections where he’s trying to tell us that if you ever feel alone, then he knows exactly what you’re going through. The majority of the video shows the Anaheim MC sitting down on some steps, looking and rapping at the camera as if you’re there with him and he’s giving you advice. Seriously, put the video on full screen and turn up the resolution to full HD and you’ll feel like you’re lying down in your therapist’s office for your weekly appointment. You can’t tell the difference.

The first half of the video reflects around him and how he handles situations when feeling alone. Phora sees himself in us, and the mirror reflects that(pun intended). The second half gets more personal. He tells us a story through a girl’s eyes, how troubles in her life have left her alone. A story in which he finds himself in a difficult situation with this girl pouring out her feelings to him, seeking advice that she doesn’t think he has, but he does. As the song fades, we’re left with words on the screen, a thought that reads: “Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. You’d be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides…” – Jay Lopez

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