Hellbent on Explaining Shit

Hellbent on Explaining Shit

3rd Ave has BARS. Let me Explain. The Norwalk MC is hellbent on proving himself to be a part of the new class of young rappers rising to popularity coming out of the 562 area. That list includes Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, A$ton Matthews, Kosher Kris, and Tay F. 3rd. This is definitely a step in that direction.

Bruh when he said “Great rhymes with 8 but octagons couldn’t stop me.” I damn near lost my shit. He was recently on our Rosecrans Radio show and spit one of the illest freestyles I have ever seen live(video coming soon). Keep that ill shit coming 3rd.
Triquetra coming soon. –Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

My Ambitionz az a Writer.

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