More Valley Than Compton

More Valley Than Compton
King Kendrick fans: The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Kendrick has released a single. Not an infamous verse, not a feature, not a hook, A SINGLE, for what we dare say — his upcoming album. Details are scarce for his album, we have no idea what the title will be, who’s featured, who we will hear production wise, however he did say the album will tentatively drop before the year is over.
This single, “i”, is a love song. A love song? Yes, but it’s not what you think. K-Dot has gifted us with a track about loving yourself and it is absolutely refreshing. With a swaggy flow and smooth vocals, it’s just what we needed from him.
Take a listen and you’ll find yourself rapping “ I love myself” within seconds, maybe dancing too. Definitely sounds more Valley than Compton, but we can live with that. I can only help but wonder what else he has in store for us. Shout out to Rahki for that ill instrumental too! – D. Brojas

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