Souls to Followers Exchange Rate

Souls to Followers Exchange Rate

Game is back with “Really” to tell us that we’re not as gangster as him. But I mean, I saw Boyz N The Hood multiple times, does that count Jayceon?

Yo Gotti leads off by telling us “When being a street nigga really meant something. Now niggas sell his soul for a follow.” I mean damn, I know dudes out here buying twitter accounts from others just but selling their soul? Gotti must know something I don’t. Yo, Gotti what is the market exchange rate for souls to followers anyway?

2 Chainz came in the booth just to let us know his peoples are incarcerated. T.I.’s verse is solid, saying his town is a no fly zone. Motherfuckers acting up in Atlanta won’t fly with him, and he’ll let you hear how his Glock sounds. (And with as many gun charges that T.I. has, I don’t think he’s kidding either.) Soulja Boy got on the hook and did some Soulja Boy shit. Game closes off the song with a resounding “Don’t fuck with Compton.” Need I Really say more? – Jay Lopez

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