16 Year Old Raver Chants, #EPill

16 Year Old Raver Chants, #EPill

The man known simply as E has released his debut EP #Epill. He blessed us 5 tracks, 2 instrumentals and 3 tracks with guest appearances by Kosher Kris, Casey Veggies, NVEM (pronounced NAME), Lamar Jay and Mugg.

The two instrumentals Epill(Intro) and Head Trip are swanky, chill beats that easily could have been made into good records.

Track number 3 is Chill Heaven with Casey Veggies and Lamar Jay. The pairing of the two over E’s instrumental made me wonder how he knew what a dope record they would make together. Genius. First heaven had a ghetto for the thugs, now we got Chill Heaven for us.

Track 4 is the Kosher Kris, NVEM and Mugg assisted single that was released a few weeks back. Check out the video here.

Track 5, Love, Music & Irony featuring Kosher might be my favorite off the EP. The story of his love of music getting in the way of his love life. Or maybe it is the other way around but either way all she was left with was a love song.

#EPill is presumably a prelude to a debut full length effort and it definitely has us wanting more. More E, we need more E. I know I sound like a 16 year old group of ravers begging for more ecstasy after their high comes down. -Vic Stunts

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