You Ever Seen a Girl Get Naked at The Dentist

You Ever Seen a Girl Get Naked at The Dentist

AUDIO PUSH has a definite banger on their hands with FWD Back. The HS 87 artists got that must play on max volume in your whip shit. And they got RiFF RaFF and King Chip, bruh. Price and Oktane have came a long way from their jerk days, and have evolved and improved immensely.

The I.E. duo instanly goes ham, letting everybody know they can go bar to bar with any group out now.

The Neon Icon shines on this bass-ey masterpiece, you ever seen a girl get naked at the dentist, he raps. No RiFF RaFF, unfortunately I don’t live the lavish lifestyle of Jody Highroller, yet. But I did see a nipple at the dentist once, a mother was breastfeeding her child and it slipped out, it wasn’t an accident though. I seen the way she was looking at me prior to the nip slip, it was meant for me.

King Chip just talks a lot of smooth player/pimp shit at the end to either a beautiful car or a sexy woman. – Vic Stunts

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