You Only Turn 21 Once

You Only Turn 21 Once

Thurz dropped that new heat! This one is called 21. Its a groovy, funky yet digital beat provided by producer Marlon Travis Borrow of D.R.U.G.S. Completely different from anything we’ve heard from Thurz as he continues to knock down all musical boundaries for himself. Since becoming a solo artist in 2011 he’s released Reggae, Rock, Pop, Underground Hip-Hop and now Electric funk tracks. The Inglewood MC has announced he will be dropping his #DesignerEP project November 4th executive produced by Marlon Travis Barrow.

I like this, noticeably Daft Punk influenced, very fun, sounds like a fun time, like a song about living like you’re 21 should be. I mean I hope it is, I’m sure everyones 21st birthday will be better than mine was. I ended up not being able to take shots, go crazy or live like I was 21 because my best friend got hammered 21 minutes into the night so I had to take care of his ass, no literally his ass, we had a gay guy in our group that night who had a crush on him. The things people do for their friends man! Thank god you only have to do it once! –Vic Stunts

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