Subtle Surf References

Subtle Surf References

Cloud surfing is exactly like it sounds. Its like an onomatopoeia. The man responsible for this track is a producer that goes simply by E. You can’t get more bad ass than that, you mean to tell me your whole name is one letter, you seen one of the 28 letters in the alphabet and selected only one to use as your name. Thats dope as fuck. Imagine how much time he saved throughout his entire life by just using one letter to write his name, so much time for productive shit like learn how to use an MPC, no wonder his beats are fire. I’m over here feeling like I got 8 letters too many now.

So E recruited Kosher Kris and Naem, yeah Naem is his name, apparently this trio has a knack for naming dope shit. This suave beat is accompanied by ill bars and gnarly visuals. Kosher shredded his verse. Naem righteously rode that nebular wave of an instrumental. I’m trying to make subtle surf references. Was that last part too much? I’ll keep it one hunnid, I don’t know shit about surfing, I just watched Rocket Power a lot as a kid. Fuck with this vid heavy though. –Vic Stunts

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