You can see Space Mountain

You can see Space Mountain

Flying Lotus aka Fly Lo aka Captain Murphy provided that stove and K. Dot just cooked on it! They collaborated on the track “Never Catch Me” off Flying Lotus new album You’re Dead!

Kendrick assaults the instrumental with a flow reminiscent of his Section80 days. When Kendrick deploys his Alien-like delivery you know shits about to go down. What do 2pac/Biggie’s killers, the Ginger Bread Man, and Kendrick have in common? You will never ever catch them apparently.

The Los Angeles Producer has a super ill solo for the last 45 seconds, which sounds like he’s been on a strange spaceship where there’s no controls only jazzy beat machines. If you close your eyes you can see Space Mountain, thanks for the ride FlyLo! –Vic Stunts

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