Jumping on Oprah’s Couch Good

Jumping on Oprah’s Couch Good

Doja Cat is an animal! Lieutenant Obvious is here to tell you she dropped her new debut EP cleverly named Purrr! I normally like to sound objective and not drool over artist I cover, but listening to No Police gave me a half chub so there! This 5 track project is so good, not even just for a female rapper, its simply great music, ill bars, excellent production, she sings, her flow is so unique and natural. I believe she is the next great musician to come out of LA. Some may say she’s comparable to Jhene Aiko because of the voice and the similar slow paced music, but her ability rap so phenomenally really sets her apart. Track 1. Beautiful is the illest track by a female since Lauryn Hill did Doo Wop. Yeah I went there and I know you might say Nicki this or Iggy that but although those two can rap their asses off (No pun intended hehe) they don’t really say much. What Lauryn Hill did with Doo Wop was call out men and women alike in a way only a woman could and this track Doja does this as well. She raps “I’m sorry if your man can’t stop looky lookin’ mistook me for a hoe and nobody playin hookie” she proceeds to drop nothing but fire bars after this until the song ends. Love it. Track 2. Nunchucks is a smooth, funky track full of non-stop bars, too many to quote because they’re all equally good. What the heck here’s one “So whats the big idea, Do I need to sit right here and fill my ears while bullshit come out of your lips I hear?” ill! Track 3. So High is amazing. All that needs to be said. Track 4.  No Police, great song to butter yourself up to, or handcuff your girl to the bed to. Great sample of Fabolus and Jeremih’s song “Slim Thick“. When she said “this kitty’s hot, fan it down, make moves on me papi don’t stand around” I felt like jumping on Oprah’s couch. Track 5. Control, might be the catchiest on the EP wayoooo oh ah! I give this 5/5 Roses You can stream it on Soundcloud here. And buy it here. (Don’t be cheap)Vic Stunts

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