Little Yessica’s Pink Barbie Jeep Powerwheel

Little Yessica’s Pink Barbie Jeep Powerwheel

Carne Asada is being flame grilled as latinos are being filmed speaking, no this isn’t one of those damn racist Pollo Loco commercials. A$ton Matthews is back, as if he never left. He dropped the video to “The Other Side” which features Mexican-American rapper by way of Atlanta Kap G. And they are having an old fashioned Carne Asada in the hood, cruising around in lowriders, cholo shit you know, all they were missing was the old ass uncle who still hangs with the youngsters, in my family we call him Tio Frank (I’m not sure he’s my actual uncle). Aside from that they really want all out to make this an authentic spontaneous Latino kickback, let me direct you to 0:37 where if you look closely you can see little Yessica’s Pink Barbie Jeep PowerWheel. I’m not making fun because I have the exact same one in my backyard (seriously).


This track has each MC showcasing their lyrical skill, Kap G supplies his slick wordplay and A$ton delivers his signature aggressive flow. Although this brings two of the hottest Latino rappers in the country together it does not sound like a forced collaboration, its a definite banger for the whip you can turn up to, or sit on the hood of your car and listen to, either way. The instrumental is provided by Long Beach producer WebbMadeThis. -Vic Stunts 

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