Everything looks like Terminator 2.

Everything looks like Terminator 2.

Well I’ll be dipped, Nocando has some A1 premium crack for your ears and LSD for your eyeballs. Lucid Dream is a funky banger and I mean funky in the best sense of the word. Who said battle rappers can’t make good music? Nocando is proving that stereotype to be false with every track released. For those still unfamiliar with this Los Angeles MC he made his name battle rapping from the early 2000’s til the early 2010’s when he retired from it and began to fully focus on making music. Earlier this year he dropped his second solo album Jimmy The Burnout on itunes, if you like this go get that.

This video takes place in Los Angeles in 2062 where apparently everyone in strung out on acid, which seems a lot like 1962, history has a funny way of repeating itself. Nocando still drives a car from the 1970’s thats so crazy how down to earth he is in the future because I’m sure all Prius’ (plural) will be flying by then. And LA doesn’t look so bad I mean yeah the sky is purple, orange and pink because of so many years of pollution, but we still have our downtown sky scrapers. Its pretty exciting to know that I will be living in this crazy LSD infested world when I am 70. Everything looks like the Terminator 2, lets just hope Skynet isn’t real. Thanks for the heads up Nocando!Vic Stunts

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