Grandma’s Know

Grandma’s Know

The homie Thurz dropped the visual to Perfect Words, featuring his grandma, she’s spitting the truth like all grandmas do. My grandma can look at my face and tell me how my last few days were, “Victor you haven’t been sleeping good have you? You’ve gained some weight, lay off the 5 layer burritos.” You can never get anything past grannys man, they’re pretty much all knowing beings, oh and they can glance at your girl and tell if she’s a hoe or not (try it if you’re having doubts).

So Thurz is taking you thru a day in the life, which seems like a chill ass day, he lives like every day is Sunday apparently. He’s going to the beach, having a bonfire, getting a haircut, having coffee with an Irish girl, visiting grandma. Thats what I would love to do every Sunday, instead of eating, not sleeping and having way too many 5 layer burritos. Salute Thurz! And look out for his EP Blood On The Canvas dropping in September. – Vic Stunts

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