Memories Made In The Coldest Winter

Memories Made In The Coldest Winter

Michael Uzowuru (pronounced: I have no idea) and Vic Mensa come together to make some relaxing-penthouse-view-overlooking-the-beach-as-the-Waves-crash-against-the-rocks-your-ex-whore-of-a-girlfriend-lays-on-music. This also reminds me of 808’s & Heartbreaks, which reminds me of a horrible relationship I used to be in. Putting that aside, I dig this, really different, slow paced and a nice track for Vic to show his finesse side. I’m going to download all of Michael U’s EP Pink Orchids after I down this bottle of Jack and think of the memories made in the Coldest Winter. Bitch. – Vic Stunts 

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