I Wanna Pretend

I Wanna Pretend

Tinashe (pronounced Tin-Ah-She) has some heat featuring A$AP Rocky, following up the huge hit “2 On” she releases this sultry love song “Pretend“. This R&B newcomer isn’t all that new to the entertainment industry she used to make appearances on Two and a Half Men and she spent 4 years in the R&B group The Stunners. I know, you can’t help but draw comparisons with her and Aaliyah, I can see that, the sensual lower pitch voice, her tomboyish yet sexy style, I dig it. Lets see if she can deliver more hits like this on her upcoming album Aquarius due out in September. Can we pretend Tinashe is singing about me? No? I’m going to any way. –Vic Stunts

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