What are the best shoes to Crip Walk in?

What are the best shoes to Crip Walk in?

Blue Suede is Vince Staples‘ latest single off of “Hell Can Wait” and Hell we can’t wait for that shit to drop. A definite change of pace for the Long Beach MC after releasing “Nate” earlier this year, he goes off in full force and makes some dope shit for the trunk. Wait do people still have subs in the trunk or is that shit played out? Did that go out the tinted window like big rims? Ya’ll still tint your windows right? Oh ya’ll just roll with the stock shit now? At least tell me you guys still play that shit ignorantly loud. Don’t tell me you’re one of those fuckin’ weirdos who rolls around town with one ear bud on instead of using the stereo.

Back to the video.

This visual demonstrates a day in the life of Vince, waking up in the crib with 6 bitches (I counted) and a bunch of his homies chillen, drinking, playing dominoes and more than likely smoking the devil’s lettuce. This video also proves that Jordan still produces quality sneakers. The Blue Suede Jordan III’s are accentuated throughout and prove that these are the goto shoes for applying shingles to your house. You can see Vince glide on the roof with ease as he delivers devastating bars, I wouldn’t do that in FILA’s, just saying. Which made me wonder what shoes are the best to crip walk in?  – Vic Stunts

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