Pizookie Sized Hoops

Pizookie Sized Hoops

Brothers Jake & Papa are really making a name for themselves lately. Having dropped their album Athena’s Erotica 2.0 late last month the R&B duo is capitalizing on their buzz by releasing this video. Gun Charge features Skeme who provides a smooth chill flow that meshes perfectly with the track. As for this video, its “Grease” inspired or maybe “The Outsiders” inspired I’m not sure I always get them mixed up. So I think Jake is John Travolta, Papa is Sodapop and Skeme is Pony Boy, something like that and the girl with the pizookie sized hoops is Sandy (pronounced Saahn-dee). They’re at the drive in theatre watching Paid In Full! My second favorite movie of all time. Then there is an altercation with the rival crew (either the Scorpions or the socs) and there is a car chase and it ends with Sandy pointing a revolver at Jake & Papa. Dope video, directed by Chaaz Williams. – Vic Stunts 

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