Stickin’ To The Script And Never Changin’ Up

Stickin’ To The Script And Never Changin’ Up

I grew up on gangster rap.  So everytime a new, prominent gangster rapper comes around, it is only natural for me to pay attention.  Joey Fatts is a Long Beach native and one of rap’s promising up and coming gangster rapper.  He is still quite unknown, even in the LA rap scene, though just last year he dropped his Chipper Jones Vol. 2 that included an array of known artists such as: A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, etc…  Joey Fatts is also responsible for the production of ‘Jodye’ off A$AP Rocky’s debut album, ‘Long Live A$AP’.  Fatts has also been managed by A$AP Yams of the A$AP Mob and just recently signed to Waka Flocka’s 36 Brickhouse label.

Chipper Jones Vol. 3 is the next saga in the Chipper Jones series.  Vol. 3 almost plays off of Vol. 2, with Joey sticking to his roots and rapping about growing up in the Long Beach Crip gang lifestyle.  Unlike Vol. 2, Fatts mentions having a foot in the industry now.  Like every aspiring and hungry artists, Fatts shows his ambitions on on ‘Tryna Get It’ which I feel shows promise because it takes a step outside of the whole gangster rap feel of the tape.  Another highlight of the tape is ‘Keep It G Part 2’ which features A$AP Rocky.  Getting these co-signs from established rappers will be huge for Joey if he wants to achieve success.  Other guests on the tape include Waka Flocka Flame, A$ton Matthews and Vince Staples.

Joey Fatts’ tapes have always been known to have solid production.  While he is a producer himself, he has been known to recruit Cardo, one producer I enjoy very much, on his tapes.  Cardo, who has produced many classics for Wiz Khalifa,  provides his signature cowbell which complements Joey’s rawness and almost makes it sound like it was supposed to come out during the explosion of the G Funk era in the 90’s.  Cardo also shows his versatility by producing an almost trap beat for the intro setting the tone of the album early.

Chipper Jones Vol. 3 shows progress in Joey Fatts’ career.  Joey still sticks to rapping of what he knows best, the street lifestyle.  It’s been a while since Snoop Dogg put Long Beach on the map.  Joey Fatts may be the next in line to follow.

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